Selasa, 29 November 2011

Ketika Saya Nulis Puisi

Q: What will you do to kill the time?
A: Writing !! :D (only if I get the mood)
     Writing short stories, poetry, or novel (it is the hardest one) is a tool to share what's on my mind. However, writing poetry can be releasing if I am too chaotic with everything. So these are three of poems I wrote recently. I know they are kind of trash and need so much feedback but I hope they will be inspiring :p


there are trashes, scattered
there's joy, disappeared
such a memory is running out
when you say,


silent under the dark sky
diving in the blue ocean

i hear u say..

"hellove, baby
there will be a picture
we are sitting down the grass
staring at a little north star"

"hellove, baby
i'll have a Savior
standing beside me

"hellove, baby
just wait me outside
till the destiny comes"

yes i know,
that destiny won't come

an angel grasping sore

did you see
an angel laid her head down
did you remember
a couple stars dropping tears

"God will make me vain..
No, God will make me stronger"

please look at my brightness,
i was
an angel grasping sore alone

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