Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

The Lottery

This prose centers on the traditional habits in a village that loves to play a lottery at the summer. It began with the description of the summer day when people generally take a long vacation during summer, in the contrary the people in this village had to do an unusual custom that was hitting somebody by stones until he or she died. It was a contradiction between the setting and the story because it described the not-liberty feeling of the villagers by the sunny day which has a lot of happiness sense.

Twilight Saga: New Moon

This essay discusses the review of an adaptation movie, New Moon (2010) which is directed by the same director as the first sequel’s (Twilight) Chris Weitz. Over all the story centered on a teenager girl Isabela Swan (Kristen Stewart) who was loved by not only a werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) but also by a vegetarian vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). That found her difficult in choosing one of those creatures. It is assumed, that she loved Edward and Jacob, either. The good is that brought the story to be a dramatic romance with unpredictable end. Apart from being good unpredictable end, this sequel has some points to be criticized.

A Rose for Emily

A rose for Emily is one of Faulkner’s masterpieces talks about a black woman who is mysterious and always conceals something from her neighborhood. This story is initiated on the Emily’s funeral which can be the revelation of all her secrets. From the first paragraph, it can be inferred that men is more respect to her funeral while the women is out of curiosity to know what Emily had kept in the part of her life.

Commentary Writing (Machine 2: Tak Pernah Berfikir Untuk Tak Pulang)

Machine 2: Tak Pernah Berfikir Untuk Tak Pulang is one of theatrical performance made by Teater Lakon UPI which was presented in Amphitheatre Building in UPI at April 2011. Teater Lakon is an organization which had got many achievements in national level and has a prestige reputation in theatre festival. Their performance of Machine 2: Tak Pernah Berfikir Untuk Tak Pulang will be presented in theater festival in Palembang. In this commentary writing, the elements of the performance which will be commented is the plot.
This performance which was totally made by Teater Lakon itself has the moral value about the current issue happening in most all over the world, modernization. Sapta, a man lived in a village with his mother and his father. He lived modestly but a city man tricked on him to send him working at the city. Sapta who was innocent accepted his offer and then he moved to the city and left his parents. Living in the city was different from living in the village at all. People were very consumptive and they lived in a strict schedule, so did Sapta. The performance was symbolic because it has extraordinary opening, Sapta was bound by many rope. It can be considered as a symbol of his life in the city which was strict and serious.