Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

The Street

Sebenernya ini tugas buat temen saya yang masih kelas 3 SMP, tiba-tiba dia ngajak saya chatting di FB trus secara to the point minta saya buat ngerjain tugas sekolahnya. Daripada dia makin kukulutusan ngomongin gurunya yang ngasih tugas bikin teks narativ, mending saya langsung kerjain aja. Itung-itung ngasah imajinasi. hehe
Saya tahu sih sebenernya cerita ini crunchy dan penggambaran settingnya kurang jelas, maklum saya bikin cerpen buat anak SMP.MySpace

Daripada kebanyakan blablabla, mending langsung cekidot aja deh...MySpace

Some words scattered on my mind. I, as a writer, got no idea to make my editor delayed his deadline for me to finish a chapter of my book. Even my hot black coffee gave no any effect to relax my mind. The accident of truck which had hit a motor on the street near my office was still messing up in my head. I could not find any words to describe how shock I was after witnessing the blood, the broken motor and the most unforgettable thing was the dead body of a young lady with her half head.

Night almost left, I was still looking deeply on my laptop screen with my dry eyes. In the middle of this stressful moment, I heard someone walking outside my room then he knocked the door. Oh, he may be disturbed by my high music volume from my laptop.
“Searching for an idea does not mean you have to sacrifice your sleeping time, Cheri.” My elder brother said that firmly from outside of my room.
My brother opened the door and said, “It has been 5 a.m. I think it is better for you to go sleep. That is not healthy for a young lady like you.”
I did not listen to his advice. I go to sleep directly.
“Good. I don’t know when you are mature and able to take care yourself.” He said. Then he turned my laptop off and closed the door.

It was 9 a.m. and I just opened my eyes. I was getting very shock when I realized that I was on the street where the accident took place. I could see the broken truck, the blood and the dead body of a young lady covered by corpse sack of the police. The police brought the body to a car, but I see there was a man approaching it. He was my brother, and then he was crying loudly after opening the sack. I came to him; I thought I can make him feel better. I touched his back, but I shock that I couldn’t touch him.

But what I see was more shocking. I could see her face; I mean the half face clearly. She is a person whom I know exactly. She is me. Directly I tried to touch him again but I still could not!

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