Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Movies to Watch

These are the trailers of some movies to watch according to my TKD team's recommendation. Yeah, that's why all of them are martial arts movies. They kinda addicted to the styles of sparing found in those movies and they tried to make me be the one of them MySpace. Having watched the trailers, I think those can be the references of sparing technique and can encourage my spirit to train my skill more.


The Kick

Actually there is a movie which can also be the sparing technique reference, but i have watched it and unfortunately i adore the actor instead (Kim Dong Wan).MySpace
This is the trailer:

Spin Kick

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  1. martial arts, really? I didn't know you're interested on that kind of thing :O

  2. I've joined my TKD team since I was at the first grade senior high school. From that time I'm addicted to martial arts movies, championships and so on. I can't leave it though martial arts is boring and exhausting --"


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