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Leafs were falling down from their trees, sometimes they flew where the wind blew away. The thin coat that I wore couldn’t protect me from the cold weather because the sun didn’t give its warm anymore, the brightness of the sun was going to be replaced by the coldly dark moon, that caused the sky had a beautiful color at the transisition time now, it was very awful moment when I saw the birds were twittering, stopping their activities and flying back to their own nest. I could see some beauty and colorful butterflies flew around the flower although I saw them in a gloomy sky. My mother and I were walking around and I was very enchanted when I saw the flower surrounded by the butterflies. I stared that flower and I told to my mother, “Mommy, look! There is a beautiful flower. Can I take it home?”

”Weird flower. Don’t take it” said my mother.
“But I like it, mom. I hope I could taking care of it in front of our home, I can imagine a little home with some pretty flowers around it, can I?”, asked me.
Mother stopped her steps; she noticed my eyes deeply and held my arms tidily.

“Anne, it was a flower which belong to the angel of heaven, they were very dedicated for taking care of it until the end of time. I’m not sure you still want to make them angry if you take it home?” Ugh, she became a liar and I knew she didn’t tell me the truth. But her smile made me couldn’t say anything. I knew, that was a wild flower and it belonged nobody. The flower was neither big nor little, it’s like a jasmine. The gradation color of it made me want to take that flower.

Finally we were going back to the home and leaving the flower blew by the wind as if it was waving good bye to me. On my way to back home, I remembered to 3 years ago. When my father died in the Second War World. He was assassinated by the enemy when he was going to help a child who was trapped in a war. At my father’s funeral, when many people assembled in a cemetery, surrounding my father’s grave. The entire people including my mother and my sisters were in a dark-color set and some people held an umbrella to protect them from the drizzle. I still a little girl who didn’t understand anything. Everything looked funny in my eyes, until I saw a drop of water was coming out from my mother’s beautiful almond-shaped eyes and wetting her long-curved eyelashes, she looked unusual. Her face became red and her beautiful eyes were swollen. I worried about her, “She is fine, Anne” said Simister. He was my father’s best friend, he was always there for my father, and they had known each other from their childhood. My mother told me that he was the man who fought my father’s life in his nearly last breath. Simister looked with the swollen eyes. I knew he was lying. I realized that everything was not fine there. But I just kept silent and watched them, I stared the people did the same thing with my mother, many tears was running down from their eyes so did my sisters.


“Annee..!” shouted Bella, my older sister, “Simister comes!!”
I jumped down from my bed and ran out to the living room, approaching Simister in the guestroom.
“No Shouting, please!!” said Ellie, my oldest sister, she was staying in her room, she never be happy if Simister came to our home but I didn’t care about her.
“Hey kids! Look, I have many things for you” said Simister while taking these out from his canvas bag. I saw he was holding on 4 gifts. The three gifts of all were covered by the different color of paper; one of three gifts which were covered is the biggest one. I hope the biggest gift was for me. “It’s for you, cutie girl” he gave me the biggest one, and I opened its cover directly.
“Wow it’s a Titanic ”, I was very happy, he gave me a replica of Titanic, the greatest ship that I had ever knew, that was one of my favorite things.
“And it is for you, pretty woman” Simister said while giving the non-covered gift to Bella, I could see her gift, that was a flower in a little pot, the flower had a beautiful gradation color, I was very surprised that her gift was the beautiful color which I saw in the evening with my mother when we walked around at the park.

Surprisingly, Bella threw out her gift and run away to her room. Simister looked very disappointed but he was showing his smile to me.
”Anne, would you please give it to Ellie?” asked him and he entrusted Ellie’s gift to me.
”I am really sorry about Bella, Simister”, I said.
“Forget it, darling. By the way, I don’t see your kind-hearted mom here. I guess she won’t missed her gift which I have brought especially for her”, said Simister. I stared he was grasping a little gift covered by the brown-white stripe paper.
“Which one is my gift?” a familiar woman sound heard from the back. I turned my head back and looked an attractive woman in a simple light-blue dress was walking elegantly, approaching four couple of eyes that was enchanted by her charm.
“Rose” said Simister, he looked happy after saw my mother.
“Why don’t you tell me about your visiting?” my mother asked him politely in a low sound coming out from her little lips between her bonnie reddish cheeks. I couldn’t shift my gaze of her when she showed her most attracting smile for Simister.
“I just want to give you a surprise” I noticed his trying to conceal his vibrant legs and his nervous face. Even he brought out his handkerchief from his dark-grey-coat’s pocket and wiped his cold sweat emitting from his forehead.
“Please, have a seat” my mother let Simister came into the living room. Then they sat down on the chair and made a chit-chat. Simister still looked nervous to talk with my mother. I left them and peeped them secretly from the opposite room.
“I’m really sorry for making your daughter feel sad. I gave her that flower” told him.
“You mean, the favorite flower of Jack?” my mother looked a little bit angry. But she still showed her elegance although she frowned after heard the statement of Simister.

Simister was silent for a moment, and then he continued, “I just try to be like him, so Bella wouldn’t be missing her dead father anymore”. Then I saw Simister opened the one gift in front of my mother and showed the gift to my mother. That was a gold ring with a little diamond dazzling my couple eyes. “Rose, would you marry me?”
“Jack won’t be replaced” said her. My mother was not surprised with the ring. Her clear statement means she rejected Simister.
“I just..Please, let me be their father” asked Simister. He believed my mother would change her mind. He held my mother’s hands, noticed her eyes deeply and coaxing her by his sweet flattery.
“Don’t try to replace him. Jack is my husband, their father, and will always be like that”, my mother looked sad, and she continued, “I know you are very kind to us, even maybe you are better than Jack. But I’m sorry, I can’t”

Then Simister shifted his gaze toward me, I was startled and concealing my head from the bars above the door so he couldn’t knew about my peeping. Fortunately, then he looked down and I tough he was didn’t realize me.
“It’s better for you to back home, Simister. I want to see Bella” said my mother.
Simister looked very disappointed and he went out from my house with a looked-down head. My mother saw off Simister until he was out of the front-door of our home.

I knew my mother still loved Jack-my father-very much. She promised he was her last man in her life. I remembered the beautiful flower that I saw in the evening with my mother was my father’s favorite flower. He always gave it for my mother in front of their children as his expression feeling of love every morning. The flower always reminded her to my father, it made her missing him. Even she ever though that was a symbol of Jack’s faithfulness of love to her and she vowed she would never forgot their love forever.

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