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The Lovely Bones

mulai sekarang kayaknya blog saya bakal dipenuhi oleh bekas-bekas tugas kuliah (maksudnya tugas-tugas kuliah yang sayang banget untuk dibuang) =P
Naah, maka dari itulah daripada disimpen di zipdisk atau komputer sementara saya punya hobi ternak virus di kedua media penyimpanan tersebut dan memberi kemungkinan pada data-data saya untuk terinfeksi virus-virus yang tidak bertanggung jawab, jadi mending saya simpan di blog (gua pinter kan, gan).
Lagipula siapa tahu tugas-tugas saya yang (mungkin) layak dibaca ini bisa bermanfaat bagi penulis pada khususnya dan pada pembaca pada umumnya :D

By the way, saya pernah mendapat tugas me'review film The Lovely Bones, mungkin pembaca sekalian sudah akrab dengan film adaptasi ini atau juga mungkin anda sudah membaca bukunya??
Kalau boleh jujur film ini bisa dibilang mempunyai issue-issue yang menarik sekali untuk di kritik. Namun secara keseluruhan film yang dibintangi oleh Saoirse Ronan ini mengambil tema yang tidak pasaran dan unik. Selanjutnya saya pake bahasa Inggris ya (Let's use English as your second language ^.^)

The Lovely Bones (2009) is adapted from the bestseller novel whose same title created by Alice Sebold in 2002. The story centres on 14 years old girl named Susie Salmon who was murdered by a serial paedophilic killer-George Harvey-lived in her neighbourhood in a cornfield then her spirit narrated the story trough heaven. Susie also helped her family to figure her murdered case out and find her body.

The director, Peter Jackson made this adaptation film be more acceptable in the viewer’s perspective. The metaphor of Susie’s perfect world that reflected at the first scene-the penguin in a glass ball-refers to her both joyful and sorrow be trapped in her own heaven, than the tutorial with a social worker woman told in the novel, especially when Susie and Holly could buy ice cream. Then the story is able to be one example for parents to be responsible for their children. Several chapters explained how Susie’s parents are irresponsible. A housewife with three children leaved them just in under control of a little girl until their youngest boy be choked and almost die. However, they did it again to their oldest daughter. They did not so teach their children how to avoid crime in their environment. It is reflected in how easy Harvey persuaded Susie to go into his underground room he made to kill Susie.

However, the plot makes some critiques in the unpredictable and unsatisfying storyline. Moreover, it is apparently not easy to decide what the genre is because thriller genre that becomes the theme is less dominant than family genre that appears mostly. It also has a controversy if the viewers see it by the religious perspective. Is that an after-death life like? The in-between life that mostly like a heaven where Susie and Holly has a great experience, dancing happily on green yard, or even sliding on the snow hill.
This film takes places in suburban area, Pennsylvania where cornfields are easily found. Neighbourhood in suburban mostly know well each other and is more social than in capital city. However, Susie Salmon just know Harvey at the first time she met with him then she was murdered at the same day.

Susie was stuck in the “in between” before she went to the heaven with the other victims of her paedophilic neighbour. Fortunately, she got a friend named Holly-a Vietnamese girl that her details were not explained in the story. Although the director of this movie, Peter Jackson is the same director of Lord of The Ring and The Lovely Bones has some imaginative animation inside, it seemingly is not as successful as his other movies. Some fantasy of Susie Salmon in the “in-between” brings confusion at several aspects. The empty dark house near the gazebo she stayed in, the changing season when she took a journey along with Holly, the big tree on a field with its numerous birds, etc was not obviously meant and creates not-logical screenplay.

This film brings sad story when her family cannot faced the fact that Susie has died. Moreover, her mother-Abigail Salmon-with her reason of sadness and disappointed, made an affair with the detective on Susie case then leaved her family and said that she only had two children (forgot the memories of Susie at all). Then she returned and realized that Jack Salmon (her husband) is the only man she loved. Nevertheless, the illogical thing comes after she returned. Lindsey had found the key of her sister murdered case, she found the diary book belong to the murderer and gave it to her grandma. Moreover, the murderer saw her stealing his diary book but nothing happened in the next chapter. Lindsey still lived freely and engaged to her boyfriend, Samuel.

The main objective of Susie is to help her family finding out who her murderer is. In the last chapter, Susie postponed her chance to go into heaven and her spirit went into Ruth’s body. On the contrary, she kissed Ray and did not do anything to seize her main goal.

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