Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

It's Time to Have Fun, you may try this quiz ^_~

World Cup is the biggest party looked forward by the soccer lovers all around the world. If you are a soccer lover, this quiz is certainly appropriate to know how much you love soccer. Please take a minute to answer those simple questions and find out who is the football player that has similarity to you??

1. You were telephoned by a television station and you heard that you have won one million dollar from a world cup quiz, then where will you go to spend it?
a. Buy some new balls, because my poor old ball war badly risked
b. Do my special hobby, shopping for some impressive and expensive-looking stuffs
c. Buy the super big herder as mu new buddy, yippie!

2. Tomorrow is your birthday, you heard intentionally that your parents wanna give you a car as the gift. What’s the car you expect to?
a. Volvo XC 90, it’s appropriate to my robust and open minded personality.
b. I love the elite car Alfa Romeo 159
c. Mazda RX-8 which able to attract people attention is not bad

3. Imagine that you are going to be one player in a world cup 2014! What’s position suitable with your playing style?
a. Right-back
b. Right-wing
c. Striker

4. I agree that you are an expert in playing football, but you certainly have your special ability that no one other have. What is that?
a. My coach always honored my high-speed run
b. The awesome goalpost kick shoot was never disappointing my club
c. You shouldn’t give any opportunity to me or you will be regretful due to my vivacious skill.

5. This question is especially for women: You have many admire and you have to choose one. So, which one, girl?
a. It is difficult for me to choose one, but I prefer to the low profile and hard worker man
b. I like a glamorous and stylist dude who can equalize my appearance
c. friendly boy who can make me comfort and proud of his numerous achievements.

6. Ups, a question for men only: please choose one option accurately represent your personality!
a. I will not stop trying before I get what I want.
b. I believe that appearance and style are not only the most important things for women. As a man, i also have to keep it in me
c.I am me. I’m a unique person and I love my dad

Mostly A : Cafu’s spirit is in you

No one will doubt you have similar strong willingness to Cafu’s. You never stop gaining your dream and be the best than the others. I consider you to keep in trying and you have to be more diligent. Therefore, you can make people be ashamed by your awesome skill. This Brazilian professional football player can be your role model to boost your effort. No place for the slacker. Wish You Luck

mostly B : Beckam go!

Yap, fortunately you are similar to Beckam. I insist, his appearance which never looked crudely. You are a good person both physically and personally and the most admirable character of you is you love your family. Even if he couldn’t included in this present World Cup, always support him to be the best one. Go Beckam!

mostly C : David Villa in Indonesia version

You are as brilliant as Villa, you have a lotta proudly achievement and it is not difficult for you to attract people attention by your attractiveness. You can master a special capability in a short time. It was because you are a gifted person and you have to train it. Don’t let anybody take the highest place because it was especially for you, guys! C’mon, you have to go for it. Prove it to your lovely parents.

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