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A Rose for Emily

A rose for Emily is one of Faulkner’s masterpieces talks about a black woman who is mysterious and always conceals something from her neighborhood. This story is initiated on the Emily’s funeral which can be the revelation of all her secrets. From the first paragraph, it can be inferred that men is more respect to her funeral while the women is out of curiosity to know what Emily had kept in the part of her life.

Emily is not a poor woman. She lived with her plenty wealth. It is stated in the second paragraph that describe her big an old style house. But she was known live alone since left by her father long time ago. Since she was left by her father, she changed to be an introvert woman and hardly saw her neighbor or even socialized with them. The Emily’s neighbors can be considered as the care people. They were aware to her change, and even called her to know how Emily was. But Emily isolated herself in her big house left by her father.
However, in some parts of the story it can be inferred that Emily lives with the disrespectful neighbors. They always said “Poor Emily” to show that they are care. But they did not do some real action to raise her up. Although Emily seems like did not want to be disturbed by anyone, she still needed a support. Also from the passage it described that Negroes are specialized. They are considered as a part of their neighborhood but they are not an importance. Her death was a shocking moment because no one knows that she was sick. Her marriage with Homer Baron did not make her neighbor take the initiative to come and see them then give any wedding gift. Moreover the lost of Homer Baron from the social life is not a thing that need any attention.
Emily is a black woman who loves art, especially China painting. She loves painting since she was a child because of the crayon painting of her father which is placed in the wall of her house. In general, the artist people like to live alone to feel the sense of art, so did she. But it did not mean that she did not need a friend to share any story.
The short story A Rose for Emily has several conflicts that connect each other. Those have causal relationship because the problem comes from Emily herself. Emily who felt very fall after her father death acted strangely so the people around her thought that she was sad or even crazy. That caused people intimidate her and let her alone. The intimidation if the people around her made the Homer Baron’s death was not known. Emily’s strange behavior, the lost of Homer Baron, and her bad smell actually the factual evidences of her secret revelation but people just reveal that after Emily dead.

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