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Commentary Writing (Machine 2: Tak Pernah Berfikir Untuk Tak Pulang)

Machine 2: Tak Pernah Berfikir Untuk Tak Pulang is one of theatrical performance made by Teater Lakon UPI which was presented in Amphitheatre Building in UPI at April 2011. Teater Lakon is an organization which had got many achievements in national level and has a prestige reputation in theatre festival. Their performance of Machine 2: Tak Pernah Berfikir Untuk Tak Pulang will be presented in theater festival in Palembang. In this commentary writing, the elements of the performance which will be commented is the plot.
This performance which was totally made by Teater Lakon itself has the moral value about the current issue happening in most all over the world, modernization. Sapta, a man lived in a village with his mother and his father. He lived modestly but a city man tricked on him to send him working at the city. Sapta who was innocent accepted his offer and then he moved to the city and left his parents. Living in the city was different from living in the village at all. People were very consumptive and they lived in a strict schedule, so did Sapta. The performance was symbolic because it has extraordinary opening, Sapta was bound by many rope. It can be considered as a symbol of his life in the city which was strict and serious.

In the middle performance, there were strange acts. Suddenly a cell phone rang then a man in the middle audience talked aloud. Then he walked to the center stage and he was thrown out by the crew. Besides, the crews came to the center stage and complaint about the music and sound. There were explained by the director as a symbol of unrealistic world. He said that in this world people started to be confuse to differ the realistic and unrealistic world. They became greedy and wanted to have all the things in this world no matter what it could be useful for them or not. Nevertheless, those acts could not make the audience deceived. They still waited until the performance ended. It was not my expectation that the audience would be tricked and disappointed when they saw the performance was disturbed by the man who talked aloud and the crew complaint about the unprepared music and sound.
Furthermore, this is a surrealistic drama play because it told the realistic moment happening recently but it was served by the non-realistic scene. Machine #2: Tak Pernah Berfikir untuk Tak Pulang made us think critically and filter all the new things before we accept that. This story reminded us not to be greedy.

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