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Twilight Saga: New Moon

This essay discusses the review of an adaptation movie, New Moon (2010) which is directed by the same director as the first sequel’s (Twilight) Chris Weitz. Over all the story centered on a teenager girl Isabela Swan (Kristen Stewart) who was loved by not only a werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) but also by a vegetarian vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). That found her difficult in choosing one of those creatures. It is assumed, that she loved Edward and Jacob, either. The good is that brought the story to be a dramatic romance with unpredictable end. Apart from being good unpredictable end, this sequel has some points to be criticized.

Nevertheless her indecision was sometimes annoying. She led the story to spin in same place while Jacob and Edward competed to get her. Apart from being confused, Bella was also wanted by an evil vampire Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre). This character was the continuation from previous sequel. Victoria planned to revenge her boyfriend death to Bella; she wanted Edward to feel how irritable being left by a sweetheart was. However, what a misfortune she had. Bella had many guardians-werewolf tribe and Cullen family-to keep her away from Victoria.
So far this sequel has more weakness compared to those of first sequel. Sound effects used were not as surprising as previous sequel-and mostly rely on Muse’s masterpieces. Moreover any interesting scenes did not leave special impression because I would say it should have more strong characters. The emotions of those storylines were less exaggerating, that was why the movie seemed boring and straight.
It was considered not to be a good issue that the major woman character Bella can not be a good figure as a daughter. She was willing to leave her single father Charlie (Billy Burke) only to married with a vampire. That was a childish decision if she would sacrifice all the normal human life include her friends, her family and her future, then substituted those all for an eternal static life as a blood hunter. Strong though the avoidance came from Cullen family even from Edward himself, she would not change her mind. Unfortunately she advanced her transformation since she did not want to be looked older than her vampire boyfriend Edward.
The two major characters Bella and Edward were less attractive if they were compared to other side characters such Victoria and Alice. It led their performance to be ordinary and flat. However this could not be blamed because those characters were certainly equal to ones of in the novel. Otherwise, the attractive points should be given to other aspects like music effect, video shooting technique, or setting. Although the one setting was in Italia, it did not shoot any Italian identities.
Anyway, the director made the story similar to its novel purposefully. Moreover among those four novels, New Moon was one whose the most flat story. It did not mean that the film should be as flat as the novel. Although it had the flat impression, a six-packed Jacob and wonderful Edward could support the film marketing and attracted more young women to watch it. Those goods and weakness of this sequel may be different from other perspectives, but it is essential for twi-had to know what happen to Edward until he decided to leave Bella and who will be chosen by Bella, Edward or Jacob?

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